Black Pepper


    Lavender, Violet, Vetiver


    White Leather, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Cedar

  • This fragrance is characterized by its extreme contrasts.

    The spicy freshness of the top note is complemented by the floral middles notes and completed by an intense woody bottom note, sweet tonka beans and light animal white leather.

Jayran Al-Amiri, led the first Kingdom of the Taifa of Al- Mariyyat, name where the Almería current one comes from. He made the walls bigger from the Alcazaba castle up to the sea, going through Layham hill, fortifying the large Arrabal of the city.

From the watchtower, on the summer nights, he was able to breath the warm air from the East, which brought the Lavender and Violet fragrances from the dessert flowers, and Tangerine and Sandal aroma from the garden of his palace. Al-Mariyyat Dessert Nights is a tribute to the perfume of those summer nights.