Rose, Dog rose, Cedar


    Musk, Leather Fragance, Vetiver

  • Warm and enveloping perfume created around a musk note, in perfect harmony with the skin that makes for a delicate and comforting effect.

    The light fruity and floral, top and middle notes, enhance the mystique of this creation.

It is said, that Hercules on his way to the Strait of Gibraltar, put in at a cove close to Cabo de Gata, to protect themselves from thunderstorm which lasted a long time. He asked his father Zeus, god of the sky, for changing the waves into stones and the sand into a pillow. In that way, he could remain at Monsul, name which was given, enjoying in its sweet smell of Musk, Rose and Cassis Flower: The scent of the Monsul Cove´s breeze.