Blood orange
    Neroli, Carcadom, Tarragon


    Marine Fragance, Tea, Laurel


    Immortal, Ambrox, Sandalwood, Musk, Cedar

  • This rich and contrasting blend is built around a top note and a fresh, spicy middle note. A floral bottom note lends itself to the personality of this extremely spicy fragrance, adding a touch of talc and gourmand.

On the XVI Century, the bishop Diego de Villalán, when he was building the Almeria´s Cathedral, on his deathbed, called his cutter master Gonzalo Abades.

He made him promise to grab his figure in the Cathedral´s funerary Chapel.

The cutter without any model or money, made the decision of recreating a blinding sun, symbol of fresh and spicy aroma from Tarragon and Cardamom from Orange trees at dusk that he could smell on the Cathedral Surrandings.

Since then, the light from that Sun is known as the Sol de Portocarrero.